Sunday, May 28, 2017

Good evening people! Today I am relaxing after a fantastic weekend with my little dude, cycling and enjoying some beautiful spring weather. It is now an awesome lighting and thunder show outside, so I'm pretty happy with the day.

 So I'm writing about some thoughts that I've been putting off somewhat. I hadn't wanted to get down on things, and essentially I want to invest my time into myself, being positive, and sharing that as much as I can with others. Given my history, that is a welcome goal to have.
 I have had time to consider a couple of thoughts that have been presented to me, one of which is the dependency on another person in a romantic capacity, but I suppose this could be relevant in any type of relationship. I certainly have experienced loss and rejection, particularly in a very committed relationship but I really can't see fighting constantly to cling to something after it ends. For starters, trying to convince someone to be with you if they've have moved on just doesn't add up. A relationship is connection woven with reciprocity, and not something that can be negotiated. To quote Our Lady Peace, "Happiness is not a fish you can catch". I firmly believe that if the "chaser" continues to pursue a person not so inclined, they really put an unfair burden and pressure on them, to the point that it completely disregards the "chasee's" well being. And to what end? I honestly cannot quite get what the final goal could possibly be. Getting someones heart is not a result of attrition folks. Further to that, being a bit trite with remarks when the pursuit is unsuccessful can guarantee only one thing, and is the persons permanent departure. It's sad to think that a possible cordial friendship ends because of an all or nothing approach was taken. It's sad when mental health can have a role in this exact scenario, but the facts remain the same. Ultimately a person HAS to participate in the outcome that they are after. Meaning if you cannot bear the reality of a relationship ending, seek professional help. If you are in a relationship that is not healthy for you, remove yourself from it. Dependency on a person is no different than a dependency on substances, eating, any addiction really. Depend on YOU. Seriously, I've been a poster boy for depression for some time, and it's knowing that I am who I am that got me alive again. The people who love me don't feel that way because I depend on them, trust me.

Enough heavy shit. I'm going to see TOOL on Wed, so have a listen with me:

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